04 Nov 2017

Now Entering The Dark Zone

this is a good rock that I saw

I have been drawing things a lot. Here is one (actually this is old and coloured in not-even-that-recently, but you will probably get these in chronological order with quite a lot of lag):


As I am sure you're aware, the people in charge have messed around with the clocks again and it is dark most of the time which is irritating, but to make myself feel better I looked at the sunset/sunrise times for Tromsø. The sun doesn't rise there for literally the actual whole of December. Anyway, I am mentioning this purely because I haven't posted anything here for over a month and it seemed like a good ice-breaker, talking about the amount of light that happens and the weather and so on. It is evidently an ingrained reflex.


As of yesterday, this is the current holder of Best Wikipedia Page In My Opinion.