The past week or so featur..." />
27 Nov 2017



The past week or so featured the complete disappearance of all of my websites, due to a massive hardware failure at the Lovely Icelandic Hosting Company (which may or may not have been an attack, but no-one's sure yet). Anyway, I spent a week with no websites and several customers emailing me about the absence of said websites, but thanks to quite a few people in Iceland apparently not sleeping for more than two out of every twenty-four hours over a period of a week, now they are all back online and phew.

On the other hand, I have now acquired an exciting enormous double-decker pannier rack to look ridiculous on my tiny folding bicycle. This will enable me to carry large items of luggage on the sides without regularly making heel contact with them. I can become a bit excitable around bicycle luggage, so this may be dangerous.