03 Mar 2018

Obligatory Snow Photos

large icicles hanging from a gutter

snow on a patio

Snow Observations:

  1. There are real, proper icicles like you used to get in the 80s
  2. A tow truck drove down the hill in the snow to rescue a stuck vehicle, missed crashing into our house by less than a metre, and hit the bus stop sign and knocked it over. (Last time it snowed, a snow plough knocked the bottom half of our drainpipe off. So, getting more nervous.)
  3. Birds are missing. Made some emergency bird-cakes in case it helps.

I really expected to get cabin fever, but it was entirely absent. I spent the entire snow-time contentedly inside the house (except for two trips to the post box) feeling massively grateful that I have a) a building to live in and b) a line of work that doesn't involve having to leave it very much.