08 Dec 2017

Waiting Room

fire, cat, feet

The fireplace and cat belong to my mother. The feet belong to my sister.

In the waiting room in Carlisle railway station there is a metal plaque which dedicates the building to the memory of a (named, but I don't remember the name, which is awful of me) signal worker, Whose Quick Thinking on 1st May 1984 Saved This Station From a Serious Mishap. I have never seen more intrigue on a single sheet of metal before.

I was sharing the waiting room with one other person: a man with a lot of luggage on a trolley. It was very quiet. It was about 11.30am. I was very hungry, but the only food I had with me except my planned-sandwich-for-lunch-later-on was a multipack and a half of Twiglets, some of which had gone out of date in July, and some of which had gone out of date in September. I had removed these from my mum's house because they clearly weren't being eaten there, they were still crunchy, and they would definitely be eaten if they were in a location that they shared with me. She was glad to be rid of them.

The man with the trolley full of luggage went out, so I ate a packet of the Twiglets (the went-out-of-date-in-July ones) as there was nobody to disturb with crunching any more. Immediately after I'd finished them, he and his luggage trolley came back in, so that was good timing.


An Interesting thing about Words ALTHOUGH now this article has been published surely everyone is going to be listening out for these techniques and they won't work any more OH NO

27 Nov 2017



The past week or so featured the complete disappearance of all of my websites, due to a massive hardware failure at the Lovely Icelandic Hosting Company (which may or may not have been an attack, but no-one's sure yet). Anyway, I spent a week with no websites and several customers emailing me about the absence of said websites, but thanks to quite a few people in Iceland apparently not sleeping for more than two out of every twenty-four hours over a period of a week, now they are all back online and phew.

On the other hand, I have now acquired an exciting enormous double-decker pannier rack to look ridiculous on my tiny folding bicycle. This will enable me to carry large items of luggage on the sides without regularly making heel contact with them. I can become a bit excitable around bicycle luggage, so this may be dangerous.

04 Nov 2017

Now Entering The Dark Zone

this is a good rock that I saw

I have been drawing things a lot. Here is one (actually this is old and coloured in not-even-that-recently, but you will probably get these in chronological order with quite a lot of lag):


As I am sure you're aware, the people in charge have messed around with the clocks again and it is dark most of the time which is irritating, but to make myself feel better I looked at the sunset/sunrise times for Tromsø. The sun doesn't rise there for literally the actual whole of December. Anyway, I am mentioning this purely because I haven't posted anything here for over a month and it seemed like a good ice-breaker, talking about the amount of light that happens and the weather and so on. It is evidently an ingrained reflex.


As of yesterday, this is the current holder of Best Wikipedia Page In My Opinion.

24 Sep 2017

Email Complication No.325

Person hugging a computer trying to transmit hug via email

This is another thing from when I was trying to keep a drawing diary instead of writing lots of words, a few years ago. But! This time it has been souped up on the computer, by way of a very lovely app called Krita, which is the nicest illustration app I've ever used, and thoroughly recommend to anyone who wants to make computery pictures. I think that starting to use it may have even cleared a decade-long drawing-block for me, although it is probably too early to claim that this is definitely a Thing Which Has Happened.

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